Color Glow Star Wraith Nathan Queen (Tour Series)

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2021 DGPT Championship winner Nathan Queen brings back his Star Color Glow Wraith for another season. With its mellow dome and neutral Wraith flight, these discs fly FAR. Nathan's trusty sidekick Sadie makes an appearance again in this year's art, which is totally metal as always. Roc on with the Nathan Queen Star Color Glow Wraith!

A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Nathan Queen and his touring efforts.

Stamp colors are fulfilled at random. Product photos are a representation of the variation of disc/stamp colors available, and the disc you receive may not match any specific photo. Discs listed as "unique" color will vary and generally fall between other existing colors.

Release Date: 1/30/2023

Speed Glide Turn Fade
11 5 -1 3