F2 Friday

Free Disc w/code

What is F2 Friday?

Each Friday we will showcase a Factory Second disc on our social media pages along with a discount code. The discount will be posted around 9 AM PST. Registered users who purchase 3 or more discs from any of the Full Production, Factory Second, and/or Limited Production categories can enter the code in the coupon code box (not the comment section) on Friday and receive the featured F2 disc for FREE! Discount code is only valid that week; one code per user and per household. Orders placed before the code is posted to our social media pages will not qualify for F2 Friday.

How can I redeem the code?

Only registered and logged in users qualify for F2 Friday. Add 3 discs to your cart, click on the shopping cart icon to view your cart, and enter the special code. Finally, proceed to the checkout page as usual. The code will be posted most Fridays and is valid until 11:59pm that same day. Discount code must be applied correctly at checkout to receive the F2 Friday promotion. If you do not see "F2 Friday" on your invoice the code has not been applied correctly and you will not receive the free promotional disc. PLEASE NOTE -- Only 1 coupon or discount code can be used per transaction. You cannot use Reward Points and an F2 Friday code on the same order. 
*Times are approximate; the promo may open or close earlier or later without notice. Dealers are not eligible for the F2 Friday promotion. For more info check the terms and conditions.*