Sister Cody "Peace Maker" Star Wraith

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Hi, I am Sister Cody! I am just a human being that makes art, poetry, and music in hopes to inspire more love in this world. I really love creating things that help others look within themselves and feel the love that is always there. 
I’ve only been playing disc golf for a year and a half or so! My family and I tried it one day when we were all together, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Disc golf has been a really beautiful outlet for me. Especially during hard times. I feel like a kid when I’m out there playing. So many smiles, laughs, and friendships. I feel free and relaxed when I’m playing. It has been my favorite hobby since finding the sport!
My favorite disc and why I chose the wraith is because that’s the first disc I got hooked on. It’s also the disc I threw for my first and only ace!
Speed Glide Turn Fade
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