Proto Glow Champion Teebird Jen Allen (Tour Series)

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Now in Proto Glow, the 2024 Jennifer Allen Tour Series Proto Glow Champion Teebird is here! As the "Sexton Firebird" version of our classic Teebird, this slightly flatter, grippy blend has a fairly mellow Teebird flight, making it easier to control, easier to aim, and easier to get the consistent release and finish the pros love. We all know it's the archer, not the arrow, but it certainly helps to have a weapon you can trust!

A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Jennifer Allen and her touring efforts.

Stamp colors are fulfilled at random. Product photos are a representation of the variation of disc/stamp colors available, and the disc you receive may not match any specific photo. Discs listed as "unique" color will vary and generally fall between other existing colors.

Release Date: 2/19/2024


Speed Glide Turn Fade
7 5 0 2