Pro Rhyno Material Test Factory Second

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Pro Rhyno Material Test Factory Second


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New material test performed on the Rhyno and the parts are too nice to grind. These are a firm Pro type material. If you are familiar with our Stiff Rhynos these are firmer and should be more durable. These are Factory Seconds due to the small dip in the center of the flight plate and small black specs in the material. The flaws will not decrease performance, they are purely cosmetic.



The Rhyno is an overstable putt and approach disc that can handle headwinds. Great for players with lots of throwing power as the Rhyno stops on a dime and stays close to the basket. It is a must have disc for short to medium up shots and putting into the wind. Factory Seconds give you the opportunity to purchase blemished discs at a discounted price. Factory Seconds are cosmetically flawed discs that did not meet our quality standards for regular production. The flaws do not affect flight characteristics or durability of the disc. The flaws can be one or more of the following: misprinted stamp, bubbles in the rim, or specks in the material. Factory Second orders are subject to availability.


Additional Information

Disc Model Rhyno
Plastic Type XT
Hot Stamp N/A


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  1. "Pro" Rhyno... Review by Matthew

    Received my "Pro" Rhynos in the mail today and was very excited. I was hoping they would be a tad more flat since the "Pro" Rhynos I have had in the past are flat. The Rhynos I received were labeled XT on the bottom. Which is I guess why they say test material. They feel great like the other XT products I have and are nice and tacky. I look forward to throwing them in the basket!! (Posted on 10/22/2014)


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