Star Color Glow Teebird Joona Heinanen (Tour Series)

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We created something new for 1st-year Team Champion member Joona Heinanen, a Glow Star Teebird. Joona's special Teebirds are STIFF and DOMEY, which is just how he wanted them. This is the type of Teebird you can absolutely pound on and have stay in the air for a long, long time. 

A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Joona Heinanen and his touring efforts.

Stamp colors are fulfilled at random. Product photos are a representation of the variation of disc/stamp colors available, and the disc you receive may not match any specific photo. Discs listed as "unique" color will vary and generally fall between other existing colors.

Release Date: 2/1/2023


Speed Glide Turn Fade
7 5 0 2