Glow Halo Star Juggernaut Joel Freeman (Tour Series)

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Halo Star
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2023 Joel Freeman Tour Series Glow Halo Star Juggernaut is ready to bust through the strongest wind. The vicious +1 turn is immediately noticeable. The skips are incredible. Born of the highest pedigree, this Firebird/Destroyer hybrid is the most overstable distance driver ever made. Fear no wind with the 2023 Joel Freeman Tour Series Glow Halo Star Juggernaut!

The Juggernaut is an extremely overstable, 12-speed driver that can be thrown at full power without worrying about the disc flipping over, even in massive headwinds. For players looking for the speed of the Destroyer with the fade of the Firebird, try the Juggernaut.


Speed Glide Turn Fade
12 4 1 4