Glow Champion Tern Factory Second

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Glow Champion Tern Factory Second


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The Tern has excellent speed and a flight path that maximizes glide over the entire flight.



The Tern is a Speed 12 Distance Driver with exceptional glide. As the name suggests, the Tern is an easy to turn driver for skilled recreational players. It also serves as a long range power roller for bigger arms. Newer players will find this disc a straight flyer with predictable fade. Factory Seconds give you the opportunity to purchase blemished discs at a discounted price. Factory Seconds are cosmetically flawed discs that did not meet our quality standards for regular production. The flaws do not affect flight characteristics or durability of the disc. The flaws can be one or more of the following: misprinted stamp, bubbles in the rim, or specks in the material. Factory Second orders are subject to availability.


Additional Information

Disc Model Tern
Plastic Type Glow Champion
Hot Stamp No


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  1. Ultra Durable and & Stable Plastic with ALL the SWEET Glide of a Tern Review by kanidrive

    The Glow Champion is DEFINITELY the most stable version of the Tern I've thrown yet. I've had 3 other Champion Terns thus far: 171g Champion Tern (that I hit my first left-handed ace with at 250ft! WOOT!) a 167g Champ Tern (that sunk like a brick while practicing said lefty stroke in some random gusty wind...) and a bought-used 175 Champ Tern that is flying about as stable as the 171 Glow Champ Tern I bought for playing some night golf. From my experience, the Glow Champion discs seem to fly about 4-6 grams MORE stable than non-glow Champs (if that makes sense to you? Speaking from my old school DX experiences, mostly). This disc isn't my go-to choice for my Tern options since I typically hold it back just for night golf, but I may try to break it in more and use it regularly since it's about as durable a discs as I've ever thrown. The Tern has been my replacement for a retired DD Trespass for a long distance forehand disc, but its found a way to work off the tee with my developing left-handed backhand drive. I've never even hit metal driving Lefty before, but the Tern found its way into the bottom of a basket from a LHBH tee shot during a practice round last month. It has a SWEET glide!!! It's one of very few discs that have a lot of glide for me no matter how I throw it (RHBH, LHBH & RHFH). It's been a total Rocket from a Sidearm Flex Shot and a great disc for long right anhyzers that need to flex-to-flat and STICK the landings (hillsides, "skippy dangers" into water or heavy rough, etc)

    Just for reference, I'm currently throwing a 171g Star Vulcans & Valkyries about 325-375 ft Backhand and in the neighborhood of 275-325 ft Forehand with 171-175g Champion Katanas and Shrykes from tees on the course. Open field I might be able to squeeze an extra 25+ feet in my quest to get back to 400-450+ ft drives. (Posted on 8/2/2017)

  2. Great Disc Review by Maxwell

    This disc rocks. I can get a beautiful s curve out of it, and it will glide for days.
    Only bummer is that the glow doesn't last that long (I use a UV light) (Posted on 1/19/2016)


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