Champion Color Glow Toro Calvin Heimburg (Commemorative)

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Champion Glow

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Congratulations to Calvin Heimburg on his Pro Tour playoff win at DGLO! Help Calvin celebrate with this Limited Edition Commemorative Color Glow Champion Toro. Great job Calvin!!

At [4|2|0|4] the Toro is a flat, overstable, beadless mid-range that can handle the type of torque that world class disc golfers produce. Calvin Heimburg provided Innova founder and president Dave Dunipace with substantial input to help create this extra-reliable, slow-speed midrange to his specifications, with added attention to the in-hand feel of the disc.

A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Calvin Heimburg and his touring efforts.

Stamp colors are fulfilled at random. Product photos are a representation of the variation of disc/stamp colors available, and the disc you receive will not match any specific photo.